Udaan is an institute carved for serving the void in Kolhapur for quality coaching in the space of Competitive exams. We start from a raw easy to mould class 8 student in our Fundamentals Beyond School Course (FBS) and make them capable in a holistic understanding to take competitive exams head on in class 11 and 12. More advanced students in class 8 onwards will be coached for the INMO (Indian National Mathematical Olympiad). Class 11 will start with the holistic fundamental course, required for NEET and JEE Main/Adv preparation.

Mission & Vision

Our Story

Udaan was a manifestation of a dream which we three saw together during a friendly get togethers. We three love Kolhapur city a lot and always wanted to do something in our capacity for the people of the city. We were discussing what were the best qualities a student has to imbibe to do great in professional entrance exams, since we had students who had this questions in mind. In discussion, we realised how very little right things were done at the right times with students. Firstly were the students aware what kind of learning methodology should be taken for Entrance preparation, which is very different from school preparation. Having a huge syllabus and wide variety, conceptual learning process has to be employed. Exam is completely problem solving oriented, and that is how school exams were not. In our experience we saw that more students had the aptitude, but were not equipped with know-how and tools to face the challenges of these exams. Fundamentals were not focussed to make the child take challenging problem solving head on. Rather more focus was paid, in completing the syllabus. Counselling and keeping the environment stress free were not focussed. The entire learning process could be made like playing, but it was made more mechanised. Seeing this kind of track working styles, UDAAN came into existence.

Moreover early development of potential students can be taken care of by getting a holistic fundamental understanding from lower standards of 8 to 10. Non-conventional problem solving can be introduced to students in class 8 to 10 via programs preparing them for the Indian National Mathematical Olympiad exams. This is how we thought about Beyond Fundamental courses for class 8 to 10. If trained in the right manner then, most of these kids can bag potential rank in the future entrance exams, and they are ready for the future, irrespective they want to go into the sciences or not.

Years of experience in educational sector

Founders of Udaan are having more than 15 years experience of guiding students at various Levels. Faculties at Udaan are passionate teachers, with a vision to get students more than what they deserve

Director & Academic Head

Sachin Gadkar

Masters in Mathematics IITB
IIT, Math Olympiad Coach

After Coaching students for over 15 years I have learnt why under performing happens at Academic excellence exams at School & Professional Entrances. First I thought conceptual understanding and application, were the trouble areas. But slowly I came to know that problem solving methods and simplification techniques were not at their disposable. They lacked on problem solving skills, moreover learning was not becoming a play. You take care of all this and performance is a by product. Keeping this requirement at the core - Udaan came into existence for me.

16 Years of experience


Mrs. Vidya Shetty

Always thought that Kolhapur being a small city had lack of resources even though had potential. So the only choice parents had here for kids aspiring NEET /JEE was Pune or Mumbai.

I too went through this and had to send my only son away from us for his JEE foundation classes at an early age.

It was at this time that I thought that we need to come up with something for such competitive exams in Kolhapur, and Udaan was envisaged and now a reality.

18 Years of experience