FBS For 8-9-10

Fundamentals Beyond School

Fundamentals beyond is an initiative for students of class 8 to 10 training them to enhance Problem Solving skills, which will be required for Competitive exams like Mathematical Olympiads, IIT Advanced, JEE Main, KVPY.

Curriculum of FBS is a medium to learn Application based problem solving. Once a child gets a knack of ABPS, he florishes in physics and chemistry too.

Fundamental Beyond School program for Class 8, 9 & 10

Program comprises of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry & Biology. The curriculum is purely focusing on future professional exams which the child is going to face during and after his class 11 and 12. Few of these exams are JEE Main, JEE Advanced, NEET, KVPY, Olympiads, INJSO.

Another advantage of the program is for the child to know what direction is his interest if he decides to take up either of Engg or Medical as a career. And if he decides to go for Medical, the analytical and mathematical ease the child attains makes a huge lead setter when it comes to NEET exam where Physics and Chemistry are the lead breakers. Most of the students are good at Biology but the toppers have knack of Physics and Chemistry which comes by Analytical strength.

In our experience as teachers coaching students in class 11 for NEET and JEE Advanced/Main we have realised that most of the students are capable, but lack of analytical strength makes them either less confident, or time is not there to get the fundamentals strong to the level of being in toppers. Hence FBS!!

To get started with us, a student has to appear for Udaan Aptitude Test which helps us understand the child better, and is in no way to evaluate the child. Post that we discuss with the parent and give our suggestions. The test is purely Aptitude based and a bit of Scholastic. No prior preparation is required.