Math Olympiad

Olympiad Program in a Nutshell

Olympiad Exams flow in India

Students interested and gifted in Mathematics can compete towards International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) where more than 90+ countries participate every year in a Olympics of Mathematics. HBCSE - Homi Bhabha for Science Education is responsible for Mathematical Olympiad Exams in India, starting from Pre-RMO, RMO, INMO.

The exam till IMO is conducted in the following manner

Math Olympiad Prep Program at Udaan

For students who are gifted and interested in Mathematics, we conduct Math Olympiad program through the Udaan Invitational Program where in students will have to write an Entrance test with us. And selected students will be invited to attend the program. Students of class 8 to 10 are eligible for the program.
This would a be year long program for two levels, Junior Level & Senior Level. Students will be trained in Algebra, Pure Geometry, Number Theory, Combinatorics, Inequalities, Functional Equations for a span of two years - one year each.
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